The Paranormal Pros

Southern Paranormal Researchers

Shawn Sellers and David Humphrey are a couple of southern boys who grew up playing in cemetaries. Looking for the paranormal for 30+ years has given them the experience and knowledge to talk one-on-one about the strange and unusual. Living in arguably one of the most haunted cities in America, Montgomery, Alabama, 

A Life Among Spirits


A Special Life

Shawn Sellers is a published author and has a number for stories waiting to be read. Growing up in Montgomery, AL, Shawn has learned to become one with spirits in a way most people will never understand.


A Radio Show

Shawn and David host a podcast dedicated to those who are intrigued by spirituality and, essentially, anything paranormal. Click the photo to hear their latest show.


A Book About Spirits

Shawn has a collection of stories, experiences and more all written just for you. The telling of haunts and spiritual awakenings that will keep you up for hours! Click the photo to order his new book!